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Attorney for Disability Insurance Benefits NJ

What Kind of Disability Benefits Should You Expect?

What does disability income cover?

A person who files a disability claim with the Social Security Administration (SSA) and is granted disability benefits can expect a steady source of monthly income. This disability income can pay any expenses including:

  • Mortgage payments or rent
  • Food & clothing
  • Medical expenses: treatment, pharmaceutical, etc.
  • Utility bills
  • Supporting your family members

Disability benefits are designed to help people manage their financial situation when a severe medical problem keeps them from working. These benefits act as a social safety-net, put into place to give people in need a resource allowing them to manage their medical condition and living expenses. If you are found disabled then you may also be eligible for free health coverage through Medicaid or low cost health coverage from Medicare.

The amount of income varies among disability claims. Supplemental Security Income (SSI) is based on current monthly income and resources. On the other hand, Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI or SSD) is largely contingent on the amount of money the claimant has paid into Social Security via their payroll taxes during employment.

Contact the Law Offices of Eric A. Shore, to learn more about how the government calculates disability payments. A disability attorney may even be able to help you work through an estimate of your claim.

What you should know about disability benefit payments

When filing disability claims, knowing what to expect in terms of a payment schedule and the duration of benefits will help the claimant manage their lives. The SSA has specific parameters regulating when disability benefits can be paid and how long disability benefits can continue.

The guidelines for disability benefits:

  • You may receive SSD benefits as far back as a year before the application date. However, no SSD benefits are payable for the first five months of disability.

  • SSI benefits begin with the first full month of disability.

In some cases the claimant's family members, children, or spouse may qualify to receive additional disability benefits. Talk to one of our attorneys about the specifics of your disability claim and we can inform you about the laws. The disability lawyers at the Law Offices of Eric A. Shore will help you build a compelling case and prepare you for success.

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