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New York Disability Laws

We are a devoted Social Security and disability benefits practice

At the Law Offices of Eric A. Shore we are very serious about our Social Security Disability (SSD or SSDI) and Supplemental Security Income (SSI) disability law firm. Our Social Security attorneys help physically and mentally disabled clients file claims with the Social Security Administration. We strive to help disabled individuals support themselves and their families through these social benefit programs.

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How much can I be awarded?

At the Law Offices of Eric A. Shore, we use our experience and knowledge of the Social Security Disability field to serve clients at all administrative levels across the nation. We have represented clients in almost every state, including PA, NJ, NY, DE, MD, MI, OH, CA, FL, TX and AZ.

A hallmark of our legal counseling includes a thorough explanation of the application process and the potential issues in your case. We aim to make our clients feel comfortable that they are in the right hands. . Our clients can trust in our advocacy abilities and our devotion to help them win monthly benefits.

Client-focused legal services

We pride ourselves on providing the kind of legal help that guides people towards hope and financial stability. Helping people obtain the disability benefits they deserve, in itself, is a great reward for our practice.

We believe that people should not be burdened by financial worry as a result of disabling condition. We want to help you alleviate this burden by helping you gain access to the governmental resources available.

Our disability benefits attorneys know that debilitating medical conditions can confine you to your home, making it difficult to seek out and gain legal help. That is why we have structured our services in a way that makes it possible for us to accommodate your home-bound needs, while still representing your case with the utmost diligence and professionalism. Thanks to today’s modern technology, we can communicate via phone, email, mail, and fax, without you ever having to step foot out your door. We can help you no matter which state you live in!

The Law Offices of Eric A. Shore practices disability law to help those who need it most.

Call 1-800-691-9962 for help with Social Security Disability benefits.