Benefits of Hiring an Experienced Car Accident Attorney in NJ

If you’ve been in a car crash, you might wonder about needing a lawyer. Maybe you’re already under a ton of stress, and you’d rather just accept the insurance company’s offer and move on with your life.

But without a New Jersey car accident attorney by your side, you could end up leaving thousands of dollars in settlement money on the table.

An Experienced Attorney Can Handle All Aspects of Your Case 

When trying to heal after a car accident, the last thing you want is to spend hours on the phone arguing with the insurance company. Car accident cases involve piles of paperwork and high-stakes negotiations that you simply don’t have the time and energy for.

A car accident attorney will take the negotiations and paperwork off your plate so you can focus on recovery.

Helps You Look at Your Case Objectively

Car accident cases come with a whirlwind of emotions. You’re probably furious at the person who hit you, and you may feel depressed if you’re too injured to go to work. Your feelings are valid, but they can make it hard to see your case through an objective lens.

A New Jersey car accident attorney has no emotional attachment to your case. They’ll give you an outside perspective on your case so you don’t make decisions that could hurt you down the road.

Battles the Insurance Company on Your Behalf

You probably hope for a hefty settlement from the at-fault driver’s insurance company. However, auto insurance companies don’t want to pay you a penny more than they have to.

Talking to the insurance company can damage your case if you say the wrong thing. Even something as simple as apologizing for the accident could cut your settlement amount by thousands of dollars. An attorney will handle all communications with the insurance company so you don’t say something you later regret.

Do you carry a “limitation on lawsuit” option on your auto insurance? If so, this option prevents you from recovering damages for minor injuries, and you’ll have to prove that the accident caused you a permanent injury, such as paralysis.

The insurance company might try to argue with you about the severity of your injuries. Your attorney will gather evidence of your treatment and medical bills to prove how serious your injuries really are.

Proves Liability in Your Case

You may think that you have a clear-cut car accident case. The other driver hit you, so they should owe you money. But what happens if the driver tries to pin the blame on you?

Under New Jersey’s comparative negligence rule, you can’t recover damages if you share more than 50% of the blame for your accident. The other driver might exploit this by blaming you however they can. They might say you were speeding, for instance, or not paying attention to the road.

A skilled New Jersey car accident attorney can gather evidence, such as accident reports and witness statements, to prove the other driver’s negligence in your case.

Knows the Statute of Limitations on Car Accident Cases

New Jersey only gives you two years to file a claim for your car accident case. You may have put off filing a claim because you thought you weren’t badly hurt, but the true extent of your injuries might not become apparent until months after your accident.

It’s wise to hire a law firm as soon as possible after a car crash so a lawyer can start building your case immediately. If the deadline is approaching, hiring a lawyer becomes even more critical. 

Represents You in Court

Many attorneys can settle a car accident case out of court, and that’s usually preferable because trials can take a long time. If necessary, a lawyer will fight aggressively for you when the case goes to trial.

If your case escalates to the courtroom, don’t risk representing yourself. With a car accident attorney well-versed in negotiations and legal strategy, you’ll have a better chance of a higher settlement award.

Contact a Skilled New Jersey Car Accident Attorney Today

Dealing with the aftermath of a car accident can be stressful and time-consuming. But with the guidance of an experienced personal injury lawyer in Cherry Hill, New Jersey, you don’t need to face this challenge alone.

Contact the Law Offices of Eric A. Shore, P.C., at (856) 433-6173 to discuss your case with an experienced car accident attorney today.


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