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Distracted Driving

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Distracted Driving 

Car Accident Lawyers Representing Victims of Distracted Drivers

Car accidents caused by distracted driving are increasing across the United States, largely stemming from a rise in mobile device use while driving. In the few seconds it takes to answer a call, read a text or multi-task in some other way, traffic conditions can change drastically. Drivers who are not paying constant attention to their surroundings can easily cause accidents that harm themselves and other drivers, as well as pedestrians and property.

Distracted Driving Defined

Distraction while driving falls into three main categories: visual distraction (disengagement of the eyes), manual distraction (disengagement of the hands) and cognitive distraction (disengagement of the mind). Drivers who are disengaged are inattentive to surrounding traffic. Many drivers don’t realize how quickly an accident can occur. At 60 miles per hour, a vehicle will advance 100 feet in the same time it takes to glance at a cell phone. Even the briefest distraction can prevent drivers from avoiding a collision.

Mobile device usage use has become the most common type of distraction; however, other causes of distraction include:

  •         Eating or drinking
  •         Figuring out directions or being distracted by a GPS device
  •         Picking up a dropped object
  •         Grabbing an object from the passenger seat or back seat
  •         Adjusting the radio
  •         Dealing with children
  •         Applying make-up
  •         Reading a book or newspaper

The list is almost endless. If a driver takes his or her eyes off the road to concentrate on something else, they are operating the motor vehicle while distracted. Even if a driver keeps their eyes on the roadway, they can still be distracted by conversation with a passenger or by a favorite song on the radio.

Distracted Driving and Liability
  If a driver is found guilty of distracted driving when a car accident occurs, that driver will be found responsible for the accident and any resulting injuries. Accident victims will be entitled to pursue compensation from the distracted driver’s insurance company and/or via a civil lawsuit against the distracted driver.

Cell Phones and Driving
 In New Jersey, it is illegal to use a cell phone while driving unless the driver uses hands-free calling. Texting and driving is prohibited at all times. Drivers who are under 21 cannot use any type of mobile or wireless device while driving. Savvy New Jersey distracted driving lawyers know the importance of the process to subpoena cell phone records to determine whether or not a driver was operating a cell phone at the time of a crash.

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