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Racial Discrimination Lawyers

Are you a victim of racial discrimination?

Have you been fired, denied a job or a promotion, or otherwise treated differently because of your race? We can help.

Are you a victim of racial discrimination in the workplace?

Race discrimination occurs when an employer treats an employee differently because of their race. For instance, an employer may not consider an individual’s race when making decisions concerning:

  • Termination or lay-offs;
  • Workplace discipline;
  • Reduction of hours;
  • Hiring decisions;
  • Work assignments; and
  • Any decision that results in a significant change in benefits.

If your race is a factor in the employer’s decision to take action against you, that action is illegal and we can help. 

The law also protects employees from being forced to work in a racially hostile workplace .  A hostile workplace is created when offensive racial images or slurs are circulated or displayed throughout the workplace, and your employer encourages or tolerates that atmosphere.

If your are working in such an environment, you should contact an attorney at the Law Offices of Eric A. Shore to discuss your rights.

Who should contact The Law Offices of Eric A. Shore?

No one should be treated unfairly by their employer on account of their race. If your employer took action against you because of racial bias or for a discriminatory reason, you should understand your rights. The lawyers at the Law Office of Eric A. Shore are passionate in representing victims of racial discrimination and will happily speak with you concerning your employment situation.  

How can we help you prove racial discrimination ?

It can be difficult to prove racial discrimination. Even when someone acts in a racist manner, they frequently stop short of using outright slurs. Our attorneys understand this, and know how to build a racial discrimination case even though racism is not always overt. Our attorneys know how to thoroughly investigate racism in the workplace, and know how to make employers account for their actions. Given the circumstances, you may be entitled to monetary damages or even reinstatement of your job.

Let our lawyers help. We will examine the evidence and define the scope of racial discrimination in your workplace.

If you have been racially discriminated against in the workplace or lost your job due to racial discrimination, you don’t need to suffer.

The attorneys at The Law Offices of Eric A. Shore may be able to help make your workplace a more comfortable work space, or help negotiate a severance to assist you while you find a better job.

Contact the Law Offices of Eric A. Shore at 1-800-CANT-WORK or complete a form online in order to speak with someone about legal representation.


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