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Those who are injured at work or while performing work duties or who develop occupational diseases stemming from their work environment are protected by Workers’ Compensation laws. Each state has laws which provide medical care and wage replacement benefits to workers in exchange for workers relinquishing their right to bring a lawsuit for negligence against the employer. Negligence is generally not an issue in these cases unless negligence by a third party unrelated to the employer contributed to the accident or injury. Each state, however, has its own rules and guidelines regarding Workers’ Compensation claims and disputes. Most Workers’ Compensation insurance is provided by private insurance carriers that will process a claim and provide benefits under state laws.

You should report any injuries sustained while performing your work duties as soon as possible to your supervisor or employer. It is against the law for an employer to retaliate against you for reporting such an accident, injury, or occupational disease. Workplace accidents can occur in any work environment, from office suites to retail stores to industrial sites to construction sites. They can also occur as traffic accidents while driving a company vehicle as part of your job. Repetitive-motion injuries can also develop through workplace duties, such as back injuries due to repeated lifting or carpal tunnel syndrome. Occupational diseases can develop due to toxic substances in the workplace; these diseases can affect the airways, skin, lungs, bones, eyes, and other body parts and systems. Black lung disease is an example of an occupational diseases suffered by coal miners.

Federal workers are protected under four major disability programs through the Department of Labor. These compensation programs provide wage replacement, medical care, vocational rehabilitation, and other benefits to federal workers and their dependents in cases where the worker has suffered a workplace injury or occupational disease.

If you are injured at work while performing work duties or have developed an occupational disease stemming from your work environment, you may be protected by federal or state Workers’ Compensation laws. As an employee you are entitled to a safe working environment free from employer discrimination. You must prove that your condition or injury is work related. The claim may be denied by your employer’s insurance company. In many instances your claim can only be won through settlement negotiations or trial. If your job has caused you injury and you can’t work, contact one of our knowledgeable Workers’ Compensation lawyers in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, or Maryland to discuss the medical benefits, monetary compensation, wage loss, and partial and total disability payments you may be entitled to.

Legal Assistance for Workers’ Compensation Claims and Appeals

Filing a claim for Workers’ Compensation can be complicated and frustrating. Your employer’s insurance carrier may try to deny your benefits with many different tactics, such as asserting that you were not injured at work, that your condition does not warrant compensation, or that it was a pre-existing condition.

If you believe you have been unjustly denied, an experienced Workers’ Compensation lawyer at the Law Offices of Eric A. Shore can provide the legal help and guidance you need. Submit an online contact form or call 1-800-CANT-WORK .


Employee Rights

Employees have many rights in the workplace which are mandated by both state and federal laws. These include the right to Workers’ Compensation, to be free of discrimination by employers, and rights under wage and hour laws.

Workplace Accidents

Accidents can occur in any type of workplace, from an office to a warehouse to a construction site to a traffic accident while driving a company vehicle in the performance of one’s duties. When you are injured while on the job, you are generally protected by your state’s Workers’


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