Veterans Disability Compensation

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When a veteran suffers from a physical or mental impairment that occurred as a result of or during active duty and results in a disability, a veteran may be entitled to receive monthly benefit compensation through the Veterans Benefits Administration.

If you believe you are entitled to Veterans Disability benefits, contact the Law Offices of Eric A. Shore.  Our attorneys, who are certified by the United States Department of Veterans Affairs, can represent you with claims in the Regional Office and with appeals in the Board of Veterans Appeals.

During your service, were you diagnosed with a condition, or were you treated for related symptoms of this condition? Is there any documentation that this incident occurred? Do you have or can you get a written medical opinion from a doctor that your condition is service related?


Were you diagnosed with a condition prior to your service? Did serving make your condition worse? Can you obtain proof from a medical professional of an incident or event in service that made the disability worse?

Veterans Disability Compensation

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If you served:

In the Vietnam War, there is a presumption in place for those who have been exposed to Agent Orange. If you have proof that you served during any period between January 9, 1962 and May 7, 1975 and received a diagnosis of chronic illness within one year of your discharge date, you are automatically entitled to benefits.

In the Gulf War or more recently in Iraq and suffer from skin or respiratory problems, headaches, fatigue, or stomach problems, you may be entitled to compensation for a condition known as Gulf War Syndrome. If you suffer from mental or physical disabilities, you deserve compensation. The most common mental disabilities are Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), depression, and anxiety. If you or someone you know are suffering from these conditions as a result of their military service, contact us today.

We are also able to assist
with cases involving:

Those who have served in the National Guard or National Reserve and were released to active duty.

Individual Un-employability: If your disability prevents you from working full-time, you may qualify for Individual Un-employability. Your disability must be rated at 60% or greater, and if you suffer from more than one disability, one must be rated at 40% or greater, and the total of your disability rating must be 70% or greater.

In order for us to form a case,
you must fulfill the following criteria:

You must be a veteran.

You must have been discharged or released on conditions other than dishonorable.

There must be evidence that you suffer from a disability, as noted above.

There must be evidence that your military injury or disability is preventing you from living a normal life.


Veteran disabilities are rated on a scale from 0%-100%. The worse your disability is, the higher the rating percentage you are assigned. The higher your rating percentage is, the greater the monetary benefit you are entitled to. If your disability rating is greater than 30%, you are entitled to benefits for your dependent children as well (children under the age of 18).

At The Law Offices of Eric A. Shore, we have the ability to handle appeals at the state and federal levels. We will work with you to:

  • Gather the information you need,
  • File an initial application,
  • File claims for rating increases,
  • File appeals for denial of benefits,
  • Fully develop and fast-track the strongest possible Veterans Disability case for you.

All of our Veteran’s disability cases are contingency based – we don’t win unless you do.

  • Initial applications are free
  • Our legal fee is 20% of the back pay you are awarded.

The sooner you file, the sooner you can receive the compensation you deserve. This process can take up to 2 years, so get started on your Veteran Disability case today.

If you are a veteran suffering from a disability, contact The Law Offices of Eric A. Shore. Call today at 1-800-CANT-WORK or contact us online.

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