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Semi-truck accidents in Philadelphia are often much more serious than other types of vehicle accidents due to the size and weight of the trucks. This can result in catastrophic injuries such as spinal cord damage, brain damage, fractures, and paralysis. If you have been involved in such an accident, it is important to seek legal help from Philadelphia semi-truck accident lawyers as soon as possible.

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Why Do I Need Philadelphia Semi-Truck Accident Lawyers?

A large truck accident can drastically change a person’s life. You could sustain severe injuries that would need prolonged rehabilitation.

And, since large truck accident cases could be far more difficult than other types of vehicle accidents, it’s important to hire a Philadelphia Truck Accident Attorney. The following are six essential reasons why you should hire a large truck accident attorney:

  • A trucking accident can have catastrophic damage.
    • A fully loaded semi truck could weigh up to 80,000 pounds, whereas the typical semi truck can weigh a maximum of 25,000 pounds.
    • When a large truck collides with a 2,000-pound passenger vehicle, the consequences can be disastrous for the car’s driver and passengers.
    • Furthermore, semi trucks and other big trucks have a far greater stopping distance compared to smaller vehicles. They also have poor maneuverability.
    • Truck accidents have greater stakes than most automobile accidents because they inflict more significant, catastrophic injuries and incur more financial losses.
    • Driving on busy roadways may increase the likelihood of an accident.
    • A Philadelphia Sem-truck Accident Attorney can walk with you throughout the process and help you understand it.
  • Multiple parties may be involved. This liability often extends beyond the at-fault driver. When there are several possible parties that could be involved, the case gets more complicated, which is why you should choose an attorney with experience specifically in truck accidents. An experienced Philadelphia Semi-truck Accident Lawyer will analyze the incident to determine who is liable for the truck accident.
  • Damages can be difficult to identify. Many car accidents result in simple damage. The cost of your car’s repair as well as any related medical expenses can easily be recovered. However, large, heavy trucks can inflict major damage – and not all of the damage may be easily noticeable.

    If you have injuries that are life-altering, you may not be able to recover completely. You may face considerable medical bills, physical therapy or rehab, or a lengthy amount of time away from work. If you are unable to return to work, a damages award will be required to compensate for your lost earning ability. It is critical that your Philadelphia Semi-truck Accident Lawyer has experience investigating and establishing the evidence required to get full compensatory damages.
  • There are many rules and regulations in the trucking industry. The federal government strictly regulates the trucking industry, from hours-of-service rules to sleep apnea tests.  All truck drivers must adhere to these strict rules and regulations set out by agencies such as the Department of Transportation (DOT) of the United States and the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA).

    It’s not uncommon for a violation of a DOT or FMCSA rule to go hand in hand with negligent behavior. A driver who consistently violates the FMCSA’s hours-of-service restriction or consumes illegal drugs while driving, for example, is considerably more likely to become involved in an accident.

    These regulations, along with the most common causes of commercial truck accidents, are well-known to experienced Philadelphia Semi-truck Accident Lawyers. This working knowledge enables your lawyer to readily identify any potential claims.
  • Trucking insurance is complicated. Trucking insurance is as complicated as federal trucking laws. Even when liability is evident, the trucking company’s insurance has the incentive to settle a claim as cheaply as possible. This might take the form of making very low settlement offers or dragging out a claim for years in an effort to get you to give in. You need Philadelphia Semi-truck Accident Lawyers with the experience and resources to take on trucking companies and their rich insurance providers.
  • Your attorney can come up with the best legal strategy. If you have suffered a catastrophic injury in a truck accident, you need Philadelphia Semi-truck Accident Lawyers who know how to fight for the just compensation you deserve. Trial strategy is critical, particularly if your case is going before a jury.

What Are Semi-Truck Accidents?

Many semi truck accidents are similar to those that happen between passenger vehicles, as well as some accidents that are distinct or more common with semi trucks. The following are examples of semi truck accidents:

Head-on Collisions

When a trucker loses control of his vehicle and crosses the center line towards oncoming traffic, a head-on collision occurs. Many times, these oncoming vehicles do not have the time or space to prevent a collision. Tire blowouts are the most common reason why truck drivers lose control, but drunk, distracted, or tired truck drivers can also cause head-on collisions for semi-trucks. These collisions often result in serious injuries, and when high speeds are involved, deaths are likely to be seen.

Rear-End Collisions

Semi-trucks need more space and time to react to vehicles ahead of them that might abruptly slow down, turn, or stop. If a truck driver is tailgating or distracted, a rear-end collision is probable if the vehicle ahead of them makes a quick move.

Side Collisions

Side collisions—also termed T-bone or broadside collisions—usually occur at intersections. Side collisions are the deadliest accidents when a semi-truck’s full weight and force hits a vehicle’s side. T-bone accidents at intersections can be caused by distracted or red-light-running trucks. Truck drivers cannot amass much speed at intersections, thus this type of accident is not common.

Jackknife Accidents

A semi-truck’s cab and trailer are joined at a hinge on the rear of the cab. This point acts as a hinge. Truckers risk jackknifing on wet roads if they stop too suddenly or use their “jake brake” improperly. The trailer skids perpendicular to the cab after hard braking. The tractor and trailer of a semi-truck function like the hinge mechanism of a jackknife in this catastrophic collision. If a semi-truck doesn’t go into the ditch or median, other vehicles may hit it, causing a deadly pileup.

Rollover Accidents

In a semi-truck collision, drivers have considerable protection that generally avoids injury and death, but those inside passenger vehicles usually suffer serious injuries if they survive. Still, when a semi-truck rolls over in an accident, everyone, including the trucker, is at risk for death. Truckers losing control cause semi-truck rollovers. This happens a lot when a tire blows out or when a truck takes a corner too quickly. If a rollover accident leaves a semi in the path of traffic, more people could be hurt or killed when other cars can’t avoid hitting it.

Underride Accidents

An underride accident is a type of rear-end collision that occurs when a vehicle becomes trapped under the back of a semi-trailer.  If a truck driver abruptly stops due to a traffic light, to avoid anything on the road, or due to heavy traffic, a vehicle behind the truck risks slipping under the trailer if they are unable to stop in time. Underride incidents are almost always not the truck driver’s fault. Small vehicles, however, might be carried for some distance before the truck driver discovers he has something under his trailer. Because of this, underride accidents are practically always deadly.

Load Spills

Improperly loaded or secured cargo might cause a major semi-truck accident. A flatbed semi-truck is usually involved when cargo spills all over the road. With no sides or no roof, everything the truck is transporting is far more likely to spill if not secured. However, covered semi-trucks and tanker semi trucks may potentially lose cargo. When any type of semi-truck spills its cargo, it puts nearby vehicles in danger of a serious or deadly collision. Explosions and fires may happen if hazardous materials are present, as well as the discharge of harmful compounds and gases into the air.

What Are the Causes of Semi-Truck Accidents?

A semi-truck collision may be caused by a wide variety of conditions, many of which can be avoided. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) reports that some accidents are caused by truck drivers who were either negligent or reckless on the road. Some of the most common violations committed by truck drivers that can cause an accident are:

Drug Use and Truck Driver Fatigue 

Drowsiness, fatigue, and drug use can significantly reduce a driver’s ability to maintain truck control, impair judgment, shorten reaction times, and prevent the driver from making decisions that are safe to drive. A tired driver might drift off to sleep, not pay attention, or make incorrect judgments about the road.

Driver’s Errors

Errors made by a truck driver include going too fast around a curve, going faster than the speed limit, and not looking in the blind spots.

Problems with Tractor-Trailer Equipment

Mechanical or equipment failure is another frequent cause of truck accidents. Crashing can be caused by manufacturing issues like faulty tires or design flaws like not providing backup warnings or object detection systems. Inability to appropriately keep up with hardware can likewise prompt shipping mishaps. 

Who Is Liable for Semi Truck Accidents? 

Even if the truck driver is at fault, there may be other parties liable in a truck accident case. For instance, it was determined that a truck driver who had caused an accident on Interstate 95 had dozed off behind the wheel. The truck driver said that in order to make the deadline, they had to travel for 20 continuous hours. A trucking company can be held liable for accidents involving their driver if it is shown that they compelled their truck driver to disobey federal rules.

Those who might be held liable for a truck accident injury in Philadelphia are:

  • the driver of the truck
  • the owner of the truck or trailer
  • the cargo loader
  • the manufacturer of the truck,  manufacturer of parts, or even a local government contractor who designs or maintains highways.

By filing multiple claims, you may be able to maximize your compensation in the event that a truck crash was caused by more than one party. Get in touch with Philadelphia Semi-truck Accident Lawyers who can help you with your personal injury case. 

What Should One Do After A Semi Truck Accident?

What you should do before leaving the scene of a collision with a big rig if you don’t need immediate medical attention are:

  • Make sure that both the other driver and your passengers are safe.
  • Report the incident to the authorities.
  • Make sure you get the truck driver’s contact information and insurance information. Find out if the driver is employed by the trucking company, working as an independent contractor in a company-owned vehicle, or leasing a vehicle.
  • Take pictures of the truck and any remarkable logos with your phone
  • Take note of the weather, road conditions, and any other factors that might have caused the accident.
  • Obtain any witnesses’ personal information

How Do I Prove Liability in A Semi Truck Accident Case?

Much like a car accident and a motorcycle accident, proving a semi-truck accident liability follows the same steps. “Negligence” is the primary legal theory of liability in commercial truck accident cases, just as it is in the majority of personal injury cases involving vehicle accidents. A commercial truck accident victim must demonstrate:

  • The truck driver or the trucking company had a duty to keep you safe.
  • The parties at fault failed to keep you safe, resulting in a truck accident.
  • Because of the accident, the injured party must deal with costs like medical bills and lost earnings.
  • Somebody was injured in the truck collision.

Getting legal help from a Philadelphia Truck Accident Lawyer can help you better understand truck accident law and come out on top of this trucking accident. 

What Damages Can You Collect in a Semi Truck Accident?

Damages from a trucking accident could include the following:

Economic Damages. Costs associated with medical care and rehabilitation, loss of earnings, and diminished earning capacity are examples of economic damages.

Property Damages. This includes things in your car when the accident happened, like electronics or even glasses you needed to wear.

Non Economic Damages. Non-economic damages may include the following:

  • Pain and suffering, whether physical or emotional
  • Loss of pleasure of life
  • Mental agony
  • Scars or other disfigurements
  • Anxiety, fear, or humiliation

These damages could be substantial, but they are difficult to quantify and prove without the help of an attorney. Your attorney will employ a complicated formula to calculate the value of your non-economic losses in addition to your economic damages.

Punitive Damages. Damages that punish a carrier or another party for acting in bad faith, such as being dishonest or careless, are known as “punitive damages.”

The severity of your injuries, the amount you owe in medical bills, and the quality of the evidence you’ve gathered to support your claim all play a role in determining the amount of compensation you may be eligible for. Talk to an experienced truck accident lawyer to discuss you case. 

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