Understanding SSI Benefits and Income

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Supplemental Security Income (SSI)

Understanding SSI Benefits and Income

The SSI program is very similar to SSD benefits. Both SSI and SSDI are a form of government assistance for those who can’t work. In general, the standards used to determine a disability are the same for both SSI and SSDI claims. The application and appeals processes are the same as well. The main difference is that SSI benefits are based on the income and resources of the individual, while SSD is based on your work history. For those with a better earnings record, SSD benefits will typically be more substantial than SSI benefits. If you are ineligible for SSDI because you haven’t been working long enough to qualify, you may still collect SSI. For some, the biggest difference is that SSI is payable starting with the first full month of disability as of the date of the application, as opposed to SSDI, which is generally not payable until five full months after the disability began. For others, the biggest difference is the amount of the payments.

The SSI program is designed to help people in our society who need it most:

SSI provides those in need with monthly payments so they may support themselves with the basics of food, clothing, and shelter. As of 2013, the basic monthly SSI payment is around $710 for one person and around $1,066 for a couple. In cases of blindness and disability, medical evidence will be necessary to prove eligibility. In certain circumstances, the Social Security Administration awards Medicaid to those awarded SSI benefits. Medicaid may offer special free or no-cost medical exams and tests to those requiring ongoing care. Contact an experienced Social Security disability lawyer at the Law Offices of Eric A. Shore for more information.

We keep our fees simple and fair. We won’t charge more than 25% of the money you’re owed from the past, plus any necessary costs. After you win, we won’t take a fee from your ongoing monthly benefits. Our maximum fee is $6,000 plus costs, even if it’s less than 25% of your past-due benefits. You only pay us if you win. Contact the Law Offices of Eric A. Shore online or call 1-800-CANT-WORK today to take the first step toward financial security.

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